Slowly Yet All At Once.

She felt left behind, fainted, empty.
Slowly, the things she loved- she saw them lose their colours.
Daily but slowly, the cheerful voice that once ricocheted through her mind- she felt it turn into faded whispers.
Everyday but slowly, the life she once adored- she saw it racing against her existence.
Slowly and gradually, her once warm, porcelain, flawless skin seemed to have gone cold and pale. And her blood- stale.

Slowly and all at once- she started to fade.
Slowly, everything seemed to be lacking- everything felt messing- everything felt and seemed empty yet.. everything too much.
Slowly, but she knew- it was not the beloved things that lost their colours.
Slowly, she observed- it was not the lovely voice that turned into a whisper.
Slowly but ever on time- She saw it was not the world racing against her existence.
Slowly and too late- she realised; it was not anything but her. Her own self turning into nothingness.

Slowly- she tried to hasten and pick it all up – to collect it all back- to put everything back into place.
But little did she know- very slowly she had faded- from translucent to completely and utterly transparent.

Slowly, she fell and she wept. Slowly, the ground let itself soak in her crystal clear tears.
Slowly, but surely – she realised it was too late.
Calmly yet slowly, the winds spoke to her- the light shone on her.
Slowly, the ground told her in.
Slowly, very reluctantly- she took her first steps in.
Slowly but certainly- she knew there was no going back.
And slowly they realised she was never coming back ever.


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