Piece Of Advice.

Someday, sometime when you feel as if things are not going your way, you're so not feeling peaceful rather devastated. Sick of daily hustle-bustle- you can't seem to take control of life. As if life is accelerating faster than you can keep up with, like life is leaving you behind! If you feel left behind or you feel ugly, tired or even sick. 
Go out. Look at the sky. Adore the color it beholds—the clouds and the beauty of Sun which manifests it. 
Breathe it in. Breathe in the beauty of this sky, the miraculous rays of light falling on you and the heavenly aura it boasts.
Breathe in all of it!
Your negativity, tiredness, sickness, tension, feelings of devastation, loneliness, fed up-ness and all the bad stuff you have filled yourself with– Replace all of that with the beauty and the peace you're breathing in.
Exhale the former and inhale the latter.
Go to the rooftop.
Sit down.
Get a pen and paper.
Write. All of it. Write it down. EVERYTHING!  
It doesn't matter if you are creative enough or not - WRITE! Just write it down. 
Explore— yourself, the things around you. Adore the nature- the beauty of which you're bestowed with.
Feel beautiful. Fall in love again—With everything around you.
Just do whatever makes you happy. Do anything it takes to feel happy.
Just be okay, okay? Okay!


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